Obenewa – Solid Gold It’s ballad time!  Just the second release from relative unknown Obenewa is BEAUTIFUL.  This is the kind of song that woulda owned the Top 9 and 9.  A tip of the cap to Obenewa for not only getting me to listen to this type of track, but for getting me to soak up every last bit of it as if it were Mom’s marinara.  Or some kind of pralines sauce. Mas Ysa – Arrows I’ve been trying to tell you about Mas Ysa.  The Brooklynite is on fire.  His newest offerings starts much like the others.  Strong with extra feels.  But mannnn oh man do things take a turn at the 2 minute mark.  I don’t want no one minute man listening to this one.  They’ll miss out on 3 of the most enjoyable minutes of music put out this year.  Groove is in the heart!  Mas Ysa cements his place as a legit monster in the world of independent music.  Take heed. Dam-Funk – We Continue Guess who’s bizzack?!  Dam-Funk proceeds to give us what we need with We Continue.  Funky as ever.  One might say damn funky.  Apropos af.  The new album drops September 4th on Stones Throw and if it’s anything like this we are all in for a tasty, tasty treat.  If your drawers are still on – they won’t be once the guitars hit at 2:40. Kisses – A Groove Yes, those Kisses!  With an album titled Rest In Paradise on the way, the LA synth-pop duo return with A Groove – and boy is it.  Little needs to be said here.  Give your eyes a rest and your ears a treat.  Turn it up to 11 and disco like its 1979. KAPTAN – Anywhere We Go June 21st was the first day of summer, but I’m not sure it really began until this cruiser dropped just yesterday.  Put on your shades, roll down your windows (if you’re broke af and still have manual windows) and hit the PCH.  If, like me, you’re not on the West Coast – I suppose the FDR would suffice.  Regardless of where you are – get out there and soak up the rays like Nashville poppper KAPTAN intended. //Fractures – Reactor Alright.  That was fun and all but lets pump the brakes with a little downtempo shall we?  //Fractures newest offering Reactor is an exceptional electronic groove that can transport you practically anywhere your wittle heart desires.  Personally, it brings me back to my cross country travels.  Where was this track when I was driving through the desert at 3am?! Falcons – Aquafina featuring GoldLink + Chaz French Idk wtf Chaz French is, but it matters not.  GoldLink, if you’ve been paying attention, is our main homie.  Falcons – a DJ/Producer extraordinaire from LA just signed with Fools Gold and wasted no time droppin a banger on us.  Aquafina is as refreshing as one.  It’s been out a few days now so forgive us for bein a hair late.  Not that you’ll have a choice once this goes. Rudimental – Rumour Mill featuring Anne-Marie + Will Heard Sooo Rudimental released a new track a few days back and somehow the world has not yet imploded.  Seriously – how has this happened so quietly.  It is no fault of the track’s as Rumour Mill grooves relentlessly.  Side note!  Saw this on reddit and it made me laugh.  And no one is reading this anyway so what the hell?  Getting a Q in Scrabble must be a bitch in the UK because they are constantly wasting their U’s on words like colour and rumour.  Moving right along… BJ The Chicago Kid – That Girl featuring OG Maco Chitown Hip Hop was never my steez, but gains ground every day.  BJ The Chicago Kid put me on with his banger I Can’t Hold My Liquor and OG Maco had me nodding along to Heavy with Audio Push.  The times they are a changin.  Chiraq be damned. Iron & Wine + Ben Bridwell – This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) Band of Horses front man Ben Bridwell along with Iron & Wine cover one of the most covered songs in existence – yet find a way to make it all their own and uber enjoyable.  The whiny guitars and trailing harmonicas give ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER a certain depth it previously lacked.  That is NOT to say I prefer this version to the original, but it is the perfect way to cleanse your palette of Pralines here at the end of a wondrous playlist. Pralines

June 24th 2015 Pralines Music For Restaurants

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