Keep customers in restaurants, stores and bars longer

Using music to keep customers in restaurants, stores and bars longer 

Studies show that music has the ability to cause people to lose track of time and therefore stay in an establishment for longer periods of time. This is because, as it has been proven by the research of Oliver Sacks, music has the ability to alter a person’s state of consciousness.  What we are going to look at is how you can use music to keep customers in restaurants, stores and bars longer.  The brain’s cerebral cortex is made up of the right brain and the left brain. The right brain, which creates visual representations of external forms, constructing mental pictures and ideas, is naturally intuitive and creative. The left brain, however, is analytical and deals with verbal and mathematical skills. Virtual time, which is perceived by the left brain, registers the human experience of a second compared to a minute compared to an hour, while experimental time, which tends to impact the perception of time, is experienced as tension succeeded by resolution. Music tends to propel people into experimental time through cycles of tension and resolution, which can affect virtual time and subsequently cause people to lose track of time. Virtual time is not as effective while experimental time is activated during the time that music is playing because humans keep time to music even while not deliberately paying attention to it.

Music Causes Customers To Lose Track of Time

When a person listens to music, they are therefore not as aware of their surroundings and cannot keep track of the passage of time as accurately as they would be able to in their natural state of consciousness. The addition of music to an establishment can influence its patrons to remain for longer periods of time. In bars, restaurants, retail stores, and a variety of other establishments, the longer a patron stays, the more likely they are to make purchases and the more they are likely to spend. Additionally, the right music can be distracting and captivating to the listener, so it is important to find the perfect playlist in order to maintain patrons for longer periods of time.