Hello World – Monday April 6th (4/6)

Daye Jack – Hello World Hello World!  What’s the yams this mornin?!  Say hello to Daye Jack whose many talents are on display here from the jump to finish.  The 19 year old Nigerian born NYU student via Atlanta could very well blow this year after making sizable waves in ’14. Sailors – Feels So Good Spring seems to have finally arrived here in NYC!  As has Opening Day and the NCAA National Championship game – and it FEELS SO GOOD.  Sailors have put out a bunch of summery remixes but this, their first original is sure to be in heavy rotation all Sprummer. Tame Impala – Let It Happen TI announced over the weekend that their long awaited 3rd album will be titled Currents, though they did not say when we should expect it.  So I guess that’s news?  To celebrate they released their 2nd single off the album called ‘Cause I’m a Man.  Unfortunately I did not immediately adore this song like I do most of their work – so I present to you instead the baller 8-minute lead single off of Currents – Let It Happen. Chloe Black – 27 Club Eat your heart out, Lana Del Rey.  Chloe Black just released another gem, Cruel Intentions, which reminded me that I have not yet put you on to her debut single 27 Club.  Party hard – die young.  It’s that simple.  What’s the worst that can happen?  “Leave a good lookin corpse behind… pay the price and get your name in lights.” Whilk & Misky – Burn With Me Whilk & Misky put out one of the most underappreciated EP’s of 2014 and now return with what might be their best effort to date.  Should you not be familiar with the UK duo this is a great place to start.  They channel the bayou as if they’ve been wrastling gators their entire lives.  It’s sinister af and woulda made for a badass soundtrack to Breaking Bad or True Detective.  But alas.