Chocolate Pudding

Will Joseph Cook – Beach The dude is just 18 years old.  Playing Glastonbury.  NBD.  Beach is the shiny lead single off the Englishmen’s upcoming EP Proof Enough.  Proof enough indeed that WJC will soon be beamin through your radio. Favored Nations – Always The facts: Favored Nations are a trio from/via Australia/LA.  They make stupid catchy tunes like Always.  They have an album coming out titled The Great Unknown.  It’s going to be righteous. Saint Motel – My Type (Eau Claire Remix) Put your shades on.  Have a chocolate pudding skin single.  Favorite track on the playlist today.  So many vibes. Elephante + RUMORS – I Want You Elephante returns with a predictably baller banger in the way of I Want You with a little help from RUMORS.  jjfjfkjwkfpjfjfuijhuihgjbkdov A. CHAL – ROUND WHIPPIN LA singer/songwriter/crooner/rapper A. CHAL posts up like Malone on Round Whippin – his latest offering from approaching EP Gazi.  Things are lookin up now that we know Gazi (the groovy lead single) wasn’t a fluke. The Internet – Girl featuring Kaytranada Track dropped back in January.  It’s finally makin the rounds now that The Internet’s album EGO DEATH is set to drop on Tuesday.  Kaytranada works em.  The Internet holds serve.  As usual.  2015 shapin up to be a real strong year for hip hop. I’lls – Keep I saw this track pop up from an artist I’ve never heard of be compared to Radiohead – so I dusted off my gavel before pressing play.  After listening – Radiohead seems to be the only appropriate comparison.  Like, Kid A Radiohead. Veruca Salt – Empty Bottle Veruca Salt, yes that Veruca Salt has returned with their first OG single since 1997.  1997.  Why do I always think that was 8 years ago? BECOME + Elohim – She Talks Too Much She Talks Too Much is not only a song, but a message I can really get behind.  I am not sexist.  Sexism is wrong.  And being wrong is for women.  Just kidding!  Just kidding!  Saw it somewhere and laughed and since nobody reads this I thought – why not enjoy it with a chocolate pudding skin single? Rufus Du Sol – You Were Right Rufus Du Sol are back with their first release since 2013 – You Were Right.  It feels like longer than 2+ years.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun.  And crawl inbetween Rufus releases. Chocolate Pudding

June 26th 2015 Chocolate Pudding Music For Restaurants

Chocolate Pudding-Skin Singles